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“Al-Usul Al-Thalatha”

This is a beginning primer on Islamic Monotheism

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Every legally accountable Muslim must individually know the correct beliefs and avoid disbelief and heresies. With the Creator as the subject matter and eternal consequences at stake, Aqeedah is the most important science to study because it allows one to know their Lord and to correct one’s faith. The science is also known as Fiqh Al-Akbar (the greater fiqh), Usul Al-Deen (the foundational principles of religion), Al-Iman (the faith), Al-Tawheed (the monotheism) and Al-Sunnah (the prophetic way).

Linguistically linked to certainty and affirmation, Aqeedah technically refers to the study of belief in the six core articles of faith which are tied to the heart with certainty. The six pillars are the beliefs in Allah, His angels, His books, His messengers, the Last Day and Divine Decree. Students begin by studying concise treatises before then gradually studying more complex issues.

This course covers one of the concise treatises in Sunni doctrines written by Imam Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahab known as Al-Usul Al-Thalathah. As the name suggests, the core of this evidence-based treatise covers three foundational principles which are answers to the three questions one will be asked in the grave. First, the author covers the categories of Tawheed with a particular focus on Lordship and Worship. Second, he explains the defines Islam and explains its levels (as outlined in the Hadith of Jibreel) - Islam and its 5 pillars, Iman and its 6 pillars, Ihsan with its 1 pillar. Third, is a concise biography of the Messenger of Allah and an explanation of false deities.  From amongst the commentaries of this book is the renowned explanation by Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen. Once a student has mastered this text, they can then gradually move onto studying lengthier books, polemical debates and heretical refutations.



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Sheikh Sulaiman Abdelhafez

Sulieman AbdelHafez was born in Puerto Rico. He lived most of his life in Jordan while he studied there and memorized Quran. He had the honor of studying with numerous senior scholars in Jordan over a period of 10 years. He also received a BA in jurisprudence and legal theory The world Islamic Science and Education University in Amman Jordan. Currently, he is pursuing a masters degree in Aqeeda at the University of Jordan and he is now serving as an Imam in Buffalo, NY.

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